Sun Travel Ltd.

Sun Travel provides one-stop tourism services; customers can travel the world with ease by booking all-round transportation and luxury accommodation with us. We can also reserve worldwide concert and show tickets, while reservation of feature restaurants can also be arranged. Guests can also customize their trips and we will then provide personalized travel advices and trip arrangements. With us, customers can experience tourism with extraordinary style.

Five-star extraordinary tour

We provide one-stop distinguished and intimate travel services. We can make arrangements to 14 popular countries and regions across the 5 continents, including Macau, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Italy, South Africa and the United States.

Personalised tour experience

Sun Travel provides personalised tours, customers only need to fill in the needs and preferences on our company platform and we will provide one-on-one travel advices as well as various arrangements. Sun Travel reserves for our customers tickets to various popular and prestige shows.

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